The name right now is WebFX, that will turning into Swee, so it's sub referenced as the software or web version.

Windows Software

If you're having a problem installing software, take control of your Windows computer by adding your downloads location to the Windows Defender exclusion list.


I plan to release my writing here. Fun huh? Don't you know it.

My Lab

This will be moving.


First let me start by saying sorry I haven't got around to this website in so long. The fact is that I create things for this website using my hobbies as a point of reference, so it's been a while to get everything in somewhat of a working order.

My plan is to have a new version of this space by August. By that time the home page will let you select the section you want to use, and even remember that. It means that people who come for games will not be bothered by anything else, and the same goes for everything else.

I haven't come to a conclusion about my Lab, but it and all other code things may be moving to Rotunda, a DriveHQ service.